Spyke sets new record for climbing all the Munros

Starting on Sunday 25th April 2010 with Ben More on Mull, Stephen Pyke (aka Spyke) set himself the challenge of climbing all Scotland's 3,000 ft hills, better known as the Munros, in a continuous round under his own steam - on foot, by bike and paddling a kayak.

On 3rd June, just 39 days 9 hours and 6 minutes later, Spyke touched the summit cairn on Ben Hope in Sutherland to complete the fastest round of the Munros. The previous record was 48 days 12 hours set by Charlie Campbell in 2000.

Spyke is keen that his journey through the Highlands can inspire and encourage people to join the John Muir Trust – the UK’s leading wild lands charity. Please take time to read more about the JMT and even if you decide not to join you can support their valuable work by donating to the Trust at the following Just Giving Page.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 24 Off to the North

Wow! the highland Spring has finally sprung, following a great sunny afternoon, and pleasant, still evening yesterday,it was a pleasure to be up and about at 07.00 today (even for me Sam). A rather more leisurely start saw Spyke away from the camp at 08.20 for the bike ride to Drumsalie, on the A820. Then a change to his MTB for the trip in to pick up Guilvan, this was originally scheduled for the first day, but he omitted it after being assured by Chris that it could be picked off fairly easily as he started North.
Update on todays mixed bag later, Nigel Brawn and Jim Holland are due to visit this afternoon, so I might go for a little bike ride in the sun before they arrive.
Spyke returned to the van at 14.10 for the bike ride to Clunes on the West side of Loch Lochy, back to foot power for the middle bit of his trip over the two Glengarry Forest tops, then down to the hidden MTB, along to Killfinnan, a quick swap to his road machine for the ride down the longest cul de sac ever, that is the road to Kinloch Hourn. He was there for 23.00 had a last bite to eat and set off for the midnight walk to Barridale Bay.
Jim and Nigel had arrived mid afternoon, and were persuaded that a little trot to Barridale Bay with Spykes' camping kit would get them nicely into the swing of Munro support. Some five and a half hours later they returned "its farther than it looks on the map" and "a stroll along the shore it aint" are two of the printable comments, when they returned to Invergarry bunkhouse at 01.30hrs. Booking into the bunkhouse had seemed a good idea, but we had not made allowance for the 22 miles of undulating tarmac hell that takes you to Kinloch Hourn


Chris said...

Well done at completing everything south of the Great Glen! I hope that Gulvain today doesn't prove to be too much of an awkward detour. It's quite a journey to get along to Kinlochhourn after the Loch Lochy hills. Weather is looking good!

Puff said...

Glad to see the ankle seems to be working better. Google and I did not work together on previous comment! You were faster than us over Pinnacles!! Hope JC got the menu. Good luck going N, no Thunder storm
this time on Gulvain.Hope Skye is sorted out. Well done keep it up.Puff

Tim Laney said...

Just the northern munros to go now ... have fun in knoydart!
Have you got some company on the hills these days?
Looking forward to joining you in the far north. Tim

Michael said...

Oh, just picked up on your very impressive attempt. I am about half way on the munros but taken me 5 years to get there!!

Looks fantastic, keep going