Spyke sets new record for climbing all the Munros

Starting on Sunday 25th April 2010 with Ben More on Mull, Stephen Pyke (aka Spyke) set himself the challenge of climbing all Scotland's 3,000 ft hills, better known as the Munros, in a continuous round under his own steam - on foot, by bike and paddling a kayak.

On 3rd June, just 39 days 9 hours and 6 minutes later, Spyke touched the summit cairn on Ben Hope in Sutherland to complete the fastest round of the Munros. The previous record was 48 days 12 hours set by Charlie Campbell in 2000.

Spyke is keen that his journey through the Highlands can inspire and encourage people to join the John Muir Trust – the UK’s leading wild lands charity. Please take time to read more about the JMT and even if you decide not to join you can support their valuable work by donating to the Trust at the following Just Giving Page.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 11 The Tarf and Tilt hills

No post birthday celebration blues, clearly the ONE pint had not hung him over, it was however a later start than usual, as the equipment for a nights camp was sorted and loaded into an enormous rucsac, Mike Nelson the volunteer porter looked evermore concerned!! The amount of food for Spyke, was enough to make a Sherpa cringe, but 8000 calories a day is a lot of grub.

The day began in earnest with Spyke being dropped off with his bike at last nights finishing point in the ski station car park, then plummeting back down the road before, turning along the track heading towards An Socach. Meanwhile a bikeless Digby was left to scarper in as quickly as possible to accompany Spyke on todays' trip which will finish at the chosen campsite near Loch Mhairc.

I drove Mike to Blair Atholl, and watched him trudge off from Glen Tilt car park towards the rendezvous point, looking like a giant Sherpa.

Lastly a big thank-you to all who have posted comments, and from Spyke many thanks for all the birthday greetings.


Charlie Campbell said...

Well done Spyke. Sowing the seeds for a great record. Keep pushing.

AndyMac said...

Hi, Spyke looking good, hope the weather improves for the future, keep on top, cheers.